A Short FatCow Review

Before spending your hard earned money on the FatCow hosting plans, you may need to know a couple of things that you will be expecting with their services. There is a checklist before purchasing any plan. I hope this short FatCow review from FatCow Reviewed will help you make the right decision.

First of all, you need to know a little background of the company. It’s one of the oldest and also a leader on the market today. They have some of the most affordable packages and each and every day, they improve their services and increase their storage space as well as bandwidth. You can get multiple domains from one account.

When seeking a web hosting company, you need to note whether the company is reliable or not. FatCow has earned trust from many souls as it offers some of the best features which include but not limited to, quality equipment, excellent customer care, reliable back ups and functional administration tools among others.

When it comes to performance, FatCow must be the leader. According to significant customer reviews and ratings, FatCow’s performance is way better than most web hosting companies. FatCow is now able to secure up to 99.0% uptime. With this kind of performance, it makes it easy for professionals to use their services. FatCow also offers good customer support and resourceful information for their customers. Their plans use Linux hosting and therefore it’s easy for professionals as well as home users to enjoy their services.

FatCow’s packages are flexible and reliable. Depending on your needs, you can always find something that suits you. What’s more, their services aren’t expensive. Everybody has a budget for a project and therefore if there is a place where you can save a penny, it’s great to do so. Their price plan is fixed and they only require you to pay $6.9 per month if you need a two year contract or 7.95 each month for one year’s contract.